What battle are you facing today? Where are you struggling? We all endure hardships in this life. I find the hardest thing for me are struggles completely out of my control. Life was never promised to be fair. People you trust and invest in will betray you, and the direction you expected your life to go in will be completely derailed. You will make the wrong decisions, and trust the wrong instincts. But… you can’t control the test.

Life is consumed with trials, tests and situations that will surprise and frustrate you. Embrace the frustration, and remember… you can’t control the test, but you can control how you respond to the test. When this life threatens to overwhelm you, let yourself feel. We try and block out the feelings, and I know for me, it’s because I am trying to control whatever part of this test or frustrations that I possibly can.

It is not only ok but it is necessary to allow yourself to feel the frustration, and to feel the emotions of the test. It is even more important to release those emotions and breathe through the test. Be honest with yourself, cry, scream or just sit still but let yourself be part of those emotions. Then… remind yourself that each test has a teaching moment. Now, allow yourself to think “what is the one thing I can learn from this moment and apply moving forward.” This is a practiced habit during frustrating situations, but it gives you the opportunity to free yourself from the pressures and anxieties of things we cannot control.

My challenge to you is this… instead of allowing the test to bring you down, and struggling against the control you won’t have, feel, breathe and move forward. Every test will pass, it is up to you to determine if you will be made stronger because of it.

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