It’s that time of year when everyone across social media is asking you “what’s your word for 2019.” Now, I will not say that your “word” is not important, but the power behind your belief in that word is what will drive you. I prayed a lot about where God needs me to be in 2019. When I prayed do you know what He told me… not a damn thing! Oh baby Jesus, I was mad when I literally heard silence. I even was like “God, Imma need you to see that I am trying to do Your will. How can I do Your will if you refuse to talk to me.”

It was in that moment, that I realized “Girl… you keep “trying” to do a lot of things, but what if God needs you to stop trying and to start actually doing.” So I let the silence sink in for weeks. It was in the moment that I stopped trying to hear God, that he spoke so clearly to me (Isn’t that just like God!). His voice was so quiet, I almost missed it “trying” yet again to do my own thing. The power statement God gave to me was Impact. Stop trying and actually make an Impact.

I spend a lot of my life purposefully trying to be productive (or just plain busy). Oftentimes, that productivity has me achieving goals, but not reaching for something greater than myself. To make an Impact, you have to reach further, not do more. I don’t have to be busier, I have to be less focused on intention and more focused on powerful action. I have to let my guard down and my self-imposed barriers to achieving dreams outside of my personal ability. God’s ability is infinite, and all he asks is that I commit to making an Impact, and let Him drive the rest.

My challenge to you… what power statement is God guiding you towards this year, this month, or even just today? Have you stopped to think beyond the “word” and focus on the power in which God is working through you to drive the actions behind the word? Let that be your challenge, to be more than just a word or a statement, to be the force that God needs for you to be in this journey.

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