Patience is a virtue I do not naturally possess. I admire those who can just allow things to progress at their natural pace, but that has NEVER been me. Impatience is my area of expertise. I am a pro at forcing the next step often to my detriment. But, the older I become the more I understand that there are more blessings and learning opportunities in the wait than the reward.

I spent the past week taking time off from work, from my thoughts, just a moment to breathe and reflect. During my time of reflection, I did a lot of outdoor running. That’s where my heart and mind meet with God. The picture (featured above) is a picture taken during my run that represents my “spiritual space of peace.” It is that place where I allow “the wait” to happen and patience and peace to enter.

Somerimes, it is entirely ok to not know what’s happening next, what you’re doing next or even if you’re even moving in the right direction. Those are the moments where you need to reconnect with your spiritual place of peace and wait… listen… and reflect. Don’t get so caught up that you miss the opportunity to grow in this moment of waiting.

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