When someone wrongs me, I am unnerved. It doesn’t matter how big or how small the situation, I am bothered until I feel justified. That is a difficult place to live ones life… waiting for a Justice that may never come.

Did you know not every wrong situation will be resolved? I know… blows my mind too!! I am a huge fan of closure, but sometimes that closure must be an internal decision to move on from the pain of being wronged.

Life is not wrapped up with a pretty bow. You will watch people succeed and accomplish goals that should be yours. If you’re like me, you will secretly think negative thoughts about those people, and wish a fire-breathing dragon would accidentally torch off their eyebrows… that may just be me but I digress.

The art of humility is what will help you move on to the phase of your life where you appreciate the lesson being learned in those seemingly unjust moments.

Kristie’s definition of humility: Releasing your “perfection” and embracing your flaws. Boldly admitting that you don’t have it all together and opening yourself up to learn from the imperfect moments.

Humility is a saving grace if you allow it into your life. When embraced, humility allows you to break away from your need for perfection, your need for justice and your need for vindication. You begin to see that just because something is wrong, does not mean it is not part of your journey.

If you let go of your anger, frustration and pain, and start to think “where is God asking me to be in this moment” you will  realize… it’s not always about your feelings. Oftentimes it’s not even about the other person, it’s about God’s teaching moment. Don’t miss God’s greater plan because you’re too caught up in your own justice.

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