How many times have you found yourself in this terrible self-pity pit of failure? The pit that just sucks you dry, until you forget where the failure came from in the first place. Have you ever thought about taking back your failure, or at least rewinding to the moment right before you failed?

This time last year, what I thought was a failure was truly a blessing… that I almost missed because I let it take me. It took me almost the full year to rewind and take back my failure. You see the moment that everything collapsed, was the same moment that I was set free from a path that was no longer God driven.

The path transitioned from a purpose to an unrealistic self-inflicted expectation of perfection. When I finally allowed myself to rewind, I realized the exact moment when God asked me to let go of this path and open myself up to a new journey, but… instead of listening I pushed myself down MY OWN pathway right into failure.

That failure was God’s way of telling me, it’s time to let it go. When you push too hard for something that is no longer meant for you, you lose your purpose. You invest yourself in a journey that was never yours to walk, and ultimately you find yourself at this point of failure that you were never meant to be at. Does that mean all failure is a mistake? Not at all! I needed this moment of humility, I needed this moment of true purpose, I needed this moment to reconnect with the strong, passionate, determined, God-made woman I was meant to be.

When I went back and took my failure and what led up to my failure into my own hands, I realized I had given up my path and purpose to others. I gave them dominion over my life, my dreams and my journey, when it was never theirs in the first place. This is my life, my failure, my path, and I was never meant to borrow someone else’s expectations or give someone control over my path.

Take back your failure and live your life. Stop trying to force your way down a path that was never yours. Own your journey, don’t let anyone or anything own it for you.

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