Y’all… I can’t sit still to save my life! I contracted strep over the past week, and you would think this would be the illness that made me actually sit still… WRONG! I literally started pacing the house because I was going crazy being quarantined… this was on day 1 of strep!! All I wanted was to be done with this illness, so I could… do what?

That’s when I had to stop myself. Why are you moving around so much? What are you possibly in a hurry to do that God is not already doing for you? That’s my struggle… I get worried I am falling behind on my purpose. I scare myself to death because I feel like I am missing the moments because I am not in control of them happening.

That is when self-sabotage steps in, and you lose the opportunity to just let the moments happen. I have so much internal struggle- fear of failure, fear of repeating mistakes, fear of fear… that I overwhelm each moment of stillness with the anxiety of not accomplishing enough.

Do these thoughts sound familiar? The best thing you could possibly do in this moment is to step away mentally from where your mind is at right now. Tell yourself “stop, let the moment happen, and move on from your control.” You have to say it with conviction, and give yourself a tangible action step to get out of that headspace. Put the laptop, iPad or phone down, turn off the tv and open a book, just let it go. Scream into a pillow, or scream outside, cry, run, whatever it is, just release the pent up personal aggression of not being in control.

The more you hold on to the control the more you will lose of yourself. Stop, let this moment and every other moment happen without you. You will be amazed at how beautiful the plan for you actually is when you release your hold on it.


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