If we are honest with ourselves, we are all really good at speaking our own truth into our lives. It doesn't mean that we have prophetic or magical powers, it means that sometimes what we speak is what we allow and also what we believe.

This past week has been rough. I flew into my work location of St. Louis, Missouri on a Tuesday morning and flew right back out the next morning. Within 24 hours, 4 flights and  4 different states, I contracted the dreaded, very contagious upper respiratory virus infection. The kicker... this virus was happily hanging out in my chest, so breathing, talking, and basic movement was unbearably painful.

As I transitioned back home to Pensacola, I literally spoke this very honest truth into my life, "I am dying a slow and steady death." Dramatic much?? But truthfully that's how I felt. I even started having a panic attack Wednesday night because I was terrified that each breath was going to be my last.

Now, the truth that was spoken over me by my dear, wise mother was, "Have you actually gone to your doctor?" While I had enlisted virtual doctor assistance, I had not actually talked to my doctor much less visited her.

Flash forward almost a week a later, and the death sentence I had spoken into my life is no longer in effect. A dramatic example I know, but I spoke what I wanted to believe instead of speaking a truth that would actually help me move forward from a painful situation.

How many times do we find ourselves speaking these truths, "Well this is as good as it gets" or "I don't have the skill to get to that next level" ? We speak the truth that we believe, but we limit the truth that God wants to reveal.

God will ALWAYS work out his purpose. He wants to work out his purpose in our lives, but we were blessed with the free will to choose our state of mind. Do we choose to put a box around that purpose because in our limited, short-term viewpoint we can't possibly see how things can get better or how we can achieve a seemingly unreachable goal?

How often are you speaking a truth over your life that is keeping you from believing more for yourself just because you in your limited, human scope can't figure it out? We can't allow ourselves to be defeated by our own words.

My challenge to you is to approach this season of your life differently. Instead of speaking into existence what you can't do, or what you can't see, speak into your life the truth of God's purpose. Instead of, "I am not qualified for this job opportunity" speak into your life, "God has equipped me with the tools I need to be set up for success." Instead of "I am too worn out and exhausted to tackle one more thing in my life, " speak into your life, "I will recuperate and re-energize to move forward with God's purpose."

When you speak God's truth in your life, be prepared to listen to God's guidance in achieving his truth. He may be asking you to rest to prepare you for the next season. He may be asking you to reach out to someone you've admired from a distance, who can serve as a mentor for your future to help you achieve that next step in your career. Stop speaking the fear and doubt into your life, and instead speak God's truth and listen to his guidance.

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