Coaching& Speaking Services

Kristie’s Expertise 

Kristie Tobias is a Consultant, Coach, National Speaker and soon to be published author with over 15 years of consulting and leadership experience. She has consulted over 30 organizations on topics focused on change management and leadership, employee engagement, leadership development, business optimization, and financial improvement.

She excels at bridging communication and relationship gaps at all levels of leadership to create high-performing organizations of effective and proactive change competency, high employee engagement and reduced turnover results. As a national speaker, her Fearlessly Made You brand is centered around change leadership and mentorship.

She is a sought after speaker and is able to speak on a wide-range of professional topics including personal, leadership and business development, driving team engagement, and building out platforms for successful change. She is also a motivational speaker who has received exceptional review on sharing her story about her Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and her journey to healing through sexual assault and abuse.

Kristie also dedicates her consulting expertise to the her community by volunteering as the Governance Operations Lead for Mayor Grover Robinson’s Transition team, serving on the board of directors for the YMCA of Northwest Florida, Ronald McDonald House, and Favor House and providing organizational consultation and mentorship to Gulf Coast Kid’s House and Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast.

Types of Services

Personal and Executive Coaching- If you are looking for a personal coach, an executive coach for your growing business or not-for-profit, or someone to take your corporation to the next level, look no further than Kristie Tobias. She is able to connect one-on-one with you and your teams, develop a strategic plan for success, and walk alongside you to execute. 

Motivational and Tactical Speaking- If you are looking for a dynamic speaker to motivate your team to action and provide clear, tangible next steps to drive success, Kristie is the perfect speaker for you and your organization. She is able to provide customized content to ensure nobody walks away from the speaking event without the ability to own the next steps in their journey and the journey of your company. 

Next Steps…

To partner with Kristie Tobias through coaching or speaking services, please reach out through her Contact Me form, and she will set up a complimentary consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!