Hey you! Guess what? It’ll be ok. Whatever it is that is nagging you or weighing heavy on your heart, it will be ok. It may not turn out as you planned, and… wait for it… you may even fail. But guess what, you can choose to stay down or rise up.

What does it mean to rise up? To rise up is an action, it is not a one time event. The phrase “this too shall pass” bothers me to no end! In my sometimes jaded opinion it implies that if you wait long enough, you will eventually move on or forget about this struggle or failure. Now the other twist to “this too shall pass” should include a qualifier… “this too shall pass, IF you choose to rise up.”

When I think of rising up, I don’t think of a calm emergence from a lengthy, sandman like sleep. I think of the movie Waiting to Exhale, and the scene where Bernadine (aka the fearlessly fabulous Angela Bassett) sets fire to her ex-husband’s car. That my dear is rising up!

When you rise, you must be bold, you must take action, you must refuse to allow the pit of frustration, despair and the struggle to bring you back down. You can rise while you are on the ground, you can rise while you are under the ground, you can rise when you have lost all of your strength, all of your will, all of your power, because you my dear are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Psalm 139:14)

You have a power, you have a gift, and you have a purpose. Do not let a situation, a person or your own self-doubt keep you from rising up. Rise up beloved, for this day is yours to overcome.

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