I was recently introduced to a church-based podcast called Transformation Church. During the podcast, the pastor discussed the concept of recalculating. He used the example of a GPS recalculating when you’ve traveled the wrong way or when you need a faster route due to obstacles. If you’re like me Siri is constantly recalculating because sometimes you’re just not paying attention, take the wrong route, or sometimes you just want to mess with Siri’s mind and see how she responds (that may just be me!).

The best part about this podcast was the application of recalculating to life. Our lives are not meant to be a straight line, they’re not even meant to be a circular route, they’re meant to be full of highways, slow back roads and even some off-roading. Our lives are meant to recalculate. We make the mistake of thinking things are supposed to be easy if I just follow that one piece of guidance, or do the right thing for someone else, or am living out my passion.

Spoiler alert… that’s not how life works, and it is ok! I will drive myself crazy living in a state of fear of recalculation. I don’t want another obstacle or another God moment where He tells me “not yet” or “stay exactly where you are and let me work.” But here is the thing, the impatience of waiting for this perfectly imperfect life to become perfect is exhausting. We stay stressed out, anxiety ridden, and just plain fatigued trying to prevent recalculation. Your life’s journey is supposed to off-road because it’s when you leave your tried and true path behind that you see there was an entirely different and dare I say far more fulfilling opportunity being recalculated.

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