Guys!! I have some super exciting news for this fabulous Fearlessly Made You Crew, however…. I want to share some insights first before spilling the news!

This month has been an interesting one. It’s the first family Covid holiday, and my family decided to spend it in our family home in NC. We made a very conscious, very safe choice to individually take extra safe measures, so we could be together as a family. While our time together was precious, beautiful and chaotic, it was worth the extra precautions, the extra steps, the safety measures to be able to spend this important time together.

As I have had the chance to breathe for the past couple of days, I found myself just reflecting. I wasn’t necessarily reflecting on pre-Covid life, but just on my current life, and what that means, what it looks like, what I should or should not be doing and most of all… what it means to have grace for the mistakes and missteps of my past that have led me to these moments of reflection. I think it becomes so easy for us to say “well if I were in that situation again I would do it totally differently.” A perfect example of reflecting on past situations and how I would have done them differently and a TEASER into some of the juicy details in my book, my journey with PTSD following a traumatic, abusive and sexually violent relationship.

At 14 years old, you can imagine I wasn’t equipped to be making some of the grown decisions I was making that led me to be involved with a much older man, much less a much older abusive man. When I was writing the chapter that walks through that relationship, I wrote it straight through without stopping in less than 1 hour. I knew I wouldn’t be able to revisit those details again with the truth and vulnerability it takes to reveal that level of… let’s just say it… chaotic bullshit. My editor was amazing, and she helped me gingerly walk back through the details in a way that actually helped me cleanse.

As I was re-reading that chapter and making the necessary edits, I couldn’t help thinking, if I had not agreed to meet up with him, or if I had cut off all contact when I had the chance, or if I had just stayed home that last night, maybe things would have turned out differently, maybe I would have gotten out before the trauma happened… maybe I wouldn’t still have nightmares, or question every relationship I am in, or have to walk through the still healing wounds of lost trust in myself. Then… I find myself remembering the grace of self-love, and reminding myself, my resolve, my strength, my faith were all built out of trauma and tragedy. I can’t dwell on the regret of what brought me to a place of growth and realization, and what gave me a voice to share my story so others could also understand and maybe move forward with their own stories.

As you reflect on your journey, you may find yourself having regrets, and that is absolutely ok, but don’t miss the lessons that have brought you resilience from those missteps and mistakes. Have the grace to know, you are where you need to be right now, and that your story is helping someone else make their way through their own story.

Soooo as I reflect on the foundational journey, the reason why Fearlessly Made You exists, I must share a wonderful secret with you all… wait for it… still wait for it… ok…

You can now pre-order Fearlessly Made You!!! I know I can’t believe it either! This Fearlessly Made You Crew is the FIRST to know about this wonderful gift! Below is the link via my publisher’s website to pre-order now! I cannot wait to share this journey with each of you!

Inidgo River Publishing website for pre-ordering Fearlessly Made You

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