While many may celebrate the New Year on January 1st, I celebrate the New Year on a different day. On June 1st, 33 years ago, a doe-eyed, mostly bald very pink adorable little girl was born… yes you guessed it, that was me. (Shocking I know). Every year since that moment, I celebrate my birthday with more pizzaz and excitement, then I ever have the official New Year. 

I know lots of people believe in starting off each official new year with resolutions, a new bucket list of items, or just sticking to commitments, but that has never really been my type of lifestyle. I believe every year that I get to celebrate another year, is a year that I need to apply my learnings from the previous chapters in my life to this new chapter. 

Call me crazy, but I wholeheartedly embrace growing one more year. That is one more year of firsts, one more year of adventures, one more year of painful mistakes, one more year of sorrow, and ultimately one more year of life. 

I know that this life is not my only life. I know that I have a place in Heaven beside Jesus (and ideally a Maserati, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves). But, while I am in this world, I am determined to live each and every Personal New Year embracing God’s light that he so generously placed within me. 

When I reached my thirties, I promised myself I would never create a bucket list or a “things I wish I could do list.” I promised myself I would just DO. Sooo at 33 I celebrated my birthday in a different country with people I love. I am blessed to have family literally across the entire world. This year, I spent it with who I know will be my future in-law’s in cheery ol’ England (imagine that being said with my perfect British accent…it’s soooo good). 

18 months ago, my partner in this life invited me and my best friend (aka my mom) to visit his mom and her British side of the family. We promised to return at least every other year. When we came this year, I was determined to embrace my 33rd birthday with a British and what would be Welsh environment. 

We had tea at least 157 times a day, we explored the picturesque Copper Mountains in Almich, scoured the Caernarfon Castle, drank all the ciders, pints and Welsh gin, rocked out at Boltfest, laughed at British comedy, I hung out in a tree in Wales (pictured above) and blew out my 33rd birthday candles. We lived, loved, and got hangry every now and then from all the travels. I am pretty sure I easily gained 10 pounds, but I also gained a way to talk to myself with love and appreciation for who I am physically, mentally and spiritually. 

You see, My Personal New Year, is about triumph over my own missteps from each year on this planet, and a promise to myself to move forward with each new year I am granted. Happy New Year to Me! Here is to my one and only 33rd year. 

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