It’s here it’s here it’s here!!

As I have been working on what it truly means to be Fearlessly Made, I’ve been deeply invested in sharing my story on as many platforms as possible. The feedback you all have shared about the impact of Fearlessly Made You on your lives has only further confirmed my new, amazing big announcement… the Fearlessly Made You Podcast is here!

Starting today, I will release a new episode of my Fearlessly Made You Podcast every other Tuesday at 5amCT. This podcast is a beautiful opportunity to share and embrace the lives and stories of the people in my life who I’ve always admired. I want to celebrate each of them by sharing their stories through my podcast and answer the question “What does it mean to own your Fearlessly Made existence?” You’ll laugh, you’ll be inspired, and you’ll also learn a little bit about wine because, well it’s me and what’s a Fearlessly Made You Podcast without a little bit of wine chat!

Episode 1 of the Fearlessly Made You podcast is officially available today and features a woman who truly showed me what it means to be authentic, honest, imperfect, and fierce in my passions and journey, the enigmatic, glorious and truly bold Nicole Randolph Owner of Body by Nicole. She knows what it means to be a badass business woman whose faith has driven her purpose and fearless determination has inspired her success. You DO NOT want to miss this first episode and learn all about this fearless woman!

Watch Fearlessly Made You Episode 1: Putting in the Work with Nicole Randolph on YouTube or listen on Spotify. (Subscribe to my Fearlessly Made You podcast on YouTube, Facebook, Apple iTunes, Google Podcasts and Spotify)

Huge Plug – A huge huge huge shoutout and thank you to the female owned and run beautiful business that is Social Icon Agency for truly representing the Fearlessly Made You mission through the masterpiece that is this podcast!