It’s official! My first ever book Fearlessly Made You: Surviving and Thriving in a Perfectly Imperfect Life is finally here! If you have not already purchased a copy, now is your time!! Visit right now and purchase your copy!

If it isn’t enough for me to launch a book this week, I thought why not have an entire socially distanced celebration of the launch of Fearlessly Made You! Visit the Fearlessly Made You Events page and join one of my in-person events, or if you’re not in Pensacola I would love to have you join my Live Stream Conversation Wednesday at 11amCT! Register HERE and please reference the User Guide

So, while I am super excited about everything that is Fearlessly Made You, can I just say, planning an event for every single day of your book launch week is quite a task! I am SO blessed to be surrounded by such amazing family who came down to visit me before and during book launch week, my amazing network of friends especially my dearest friend Jess who took off an entire day of work on book launch day today just to be by my side, the amazing organizations putting on events, and the PHENOMENAL female-owned, female run Social Icon who has been my personal marketing and events team in addition to my publishing marketing team at Indigo River Publishing Company. That’s not even including the amazing co-workers, friends, my wonderful supervisors and bosses who just fully support me and this next phase in my life.

Why mention all these people? Because it’s important to understand that being “Fearlessly Made” means being humbled by the fact that you cannot be “Fearlessly Made” alone. I took for granted the ability to just do things by myself. I literally almost drowned in my own pride because I didn’t ask for help. Did you know that asking for help is one of the biggest strengths you can possess? It’s not admitting weakness, it’s not admitting defeat, it’s opening yourself up to growth and learning from someone else who can support the weight of your imperfections with the strengths of their gifting.

Everyone has a gifting, and too often we depend on our own gifting to get us through some of the most difficult struggles. Owning your journey does not mean isolating yourself in your journey, it means embracing the support and love of those members of your Fearlessly Made You Crew who are here to elevate and uplift you to the next phase of your journey. There is nothing about launching this book that was done in isolation. The need to be surrounded by people when exposing such vulnerabilities was made painfully obvious to me, when I found myself panicking alone on my couch with my sweet dog snuggling up to me trying to comfort me.

The panic came from this place of truly feeling like I was screwing up because I couldn’t do it all, I couldn’t manage this impossible schedule and workload that nobody at all asked me to manage on my own, so… I stopped putting stress on myself to be and do so much on my own. Instead I decided to connect with those who can bridge the gap in my own inabilities, and yes I said inabilities. I struggle thinking there are things out there I cannot do, and yes I know that sounds pretentious, but it’s because I have always chosen to try to be the impossible. God never called me to be impossible, He called me to be part of His kingdom with other members of His kingdom, and to live and thrive in His purpose, not my own purpose.

There is something powerful and beautiful about knowing that His purpose is being revealed through this book. I have received so many emails, text messages, phone calls, social medias posts, and direct messages from so many people sharing their stories with abuse and trauma, but also people sharing their pride and joy in celebrating their accomplishments at work or in their personal lives, the sorrow, the struggle, the joy and the excitement are all part of this Fearlessly Made You journey, and I am beyond grateful to be able to share my journey and also share in each of your journeys.

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