#livingyourbestlife is something that permeates social media. I have been guilty of using it myself typically when I’m at the beach, at a really great event, or having pizza and wine (because that’s the true definition of living your best life!). But, what does that actually mean? What does it mean to truly live your best life?

Some people say your best life is being carefree and just “learning to ride the waves.” Those same people also take a healthy dose of Xanax every hour… just kidding (sort of). Some people say it’s having a crew of close friends you can go out with at the drop of a hat. Some even say it’s being successful in a career whether that’s in the business world or in the stay at home mom world.

You know what #livingyourbestlife means to me? It means embracing that life is so friggin imperfect that every single moment of every single day has a purpose. It’s knowing that #livingmybestlife is not a one moment kind of thing. It’s about allowing those truly frustrating, anger-inducing, bitter-producing moments to also be considered part of my best life. But why? Why do we have to let those terrible moments into our best life??

Because when we only embrace the good, or the carefree or the wins, we miss the opportunities that are actually driving us to understand a robust and well-rounded way of living. It’s challenging ourselves to see the meaning in those horrible moments, to see the learning and the opportunity to look into those horrible moments at what can be gleaned from them to build our inner strength, our core, the very heart of our best life.

Sometimes, I am so afraid of living through terrible moments. My fear sometimes keeps me from experiencing life even if it’s painful because I just want to stay in my box or just run away from the pain that could actually build the strength and the resilience needed to actually build and guide what is my best life.

You may be going through something utterly intolerable right now, and for that I am truly sorry, but… don’t let it pass you. Lean into what God is trying to tell you during this moment. It may be “it’s time for you to let this go” or “it’s time for you to let yourself grow,” or even “it’s time for you to humble yourself, release your pride, and embrace that this is all about learning.” Whatever it is, let this moment, this seemingly terrible moment help build the strength, the resilience, the inner foundation that you need to truly #liveyourbestlife.

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