Life is hilarious! Today, instead of thinking about all of the things that are not working right, or all of the things that you have to do to be a “productive adult” I want you to think about how you can laugh more. What brings you laughter? What brings you joy? Where do you feel like you could take yourself and life less seriously, and just enjoy it more?

I am the world’s best at being serious… I have literally made a joke serious…. that’s a special kind of crazy right there! I was focused on making sure people understood the joke, and the joke finally disappeared… sad days! When I first started as a healthcare coach, I had a speaking coach. If I was planning on being a speaker on my company’s national stage, I had to learn from the best, and boy did I! Would you like to know the best lesson he taught me? He said, and I quote,

“Find at least one thing each day that gives you a good, wholehearted, gut-wrenching belly laugh.”

I took his advice to heart, and every day I find something that makes me laugh. It is easier than you think to actually laugh. If you did not laugh at the picture for this blog… we need to talk! That was my actual laugh on Friday… allow me to give you some insights into my life.

Sooooo shaving my legs is a luxury during the winter time. I believe that the more hair I have on my legs, the more warmth my body will generate. I am a Florida girl through and through who lives in New York… every week since the first week of January it has snowed at least once. There was this one time I was standing outside and literally asked “what is this white stuff?!!” Hence, the leg hairs. I should also share that I wear pantyhose when I wear a dress, and… wait for it… I also have dark skin. Not shaving my legs is definitely something I can avoid for as long as is humanly possible!

Well, that fateful day came Friday, when I realized it was time to break out the razor. You see the picture above of the gloriously, curling leg hairs, while that is not actually my leg, it was by no means a far cry from my sexy, European-style hairy legs. When I was putting on my pantyhose Friday morning, I could not quite figure out why it was taking me a little longer to pull them on over my legs. I realized… it was because the hair on my legs had become so lusciously thick and curly, that they were literally impeding the upward movement of my pantyhose.

I died laughing, and quite literally fell over because I had my pantyhose halfway up, and I was laughing so hard I accidentally knocked myself off of my hotel room bed and onto the floor. Talk about my belly laugh for the day!! So, the moral of the story… if you want to smoothly put on pantyhose… embrace the razor and shave your legs before the end of winter.

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