Today’s blog is simple… just dance! I know, sounds simple, but what’s stopping you? What is keeping you from being able to just let go and dance for 5 seconds? Fear of embarrassment? Fear of losing control? Or my favorite fear that you won’t be able to stop dancing if you start?

Here is the thing… you may never have this moment again. This moment to just be free and not think. If you’re worried about what other people will think of you…. don’t be they are too worried about themselves and… it doesn’t matter. This is your life, so why not spend it spreading joy, positivity and hope.

There is so much to stress about, get down about, be frustrated about, AND there is so much to just love and embrace. Take it from someone who is a constant ball of worry and stress, unclench your teeth, relax your shoulders, breathe in and blow out a big deep breath, and shake off those worries and doubts for 5 seconds. Wiggle, shake, shimmy, twerk… maybe don’t twerk… “do the hustle” whatever dance move you prefer, today… make a point to dance for 5 seconds. You will not regret “shaking your groove thing!”

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