Alright… pop quiz!! Have you ever been the recipient of the phrase “it’s not that serious” oftentimes followed by the phrase “just breathe,” and possibly the phrase “let it go?” If you answered yes to one out of three of those questions… CONGRATULATIONS! You are officially the most serious person in your group of friends, and you win the award of “Fun Police!”

Ok, seriously though… I have heard all three of those phrases at least once (per week sometimes) and in those beautifully rare moments (sarcasm much?) all at once. Ironic that my entire website is dedicated to “embracing each moment of life” yet on occassion I can also be called out for being the “Fun Police” of said moments, isn’t it? Well to be super transparent, I work at being fun… now that’s just sad!

It takes work for me to just let my mind stop thinking, stop planning, stop engaging in anxious moments, and just “surf the wave.” It is so hard to shut my brain off, and I know if it’s hard for me, there must be at least one of you reading this that feels the same way. So… how do we stop being the “Fun Police” and start actually living in the moment?

I am not going to give you steps on doing this because that defeats the purpose. What I am going to give you is a challenge… this is the same challenge I give to myself every single day. For 30 seconds every day, I want you to not plan, think about planning, stress, think about stressing, organize, think about organizing… you see where this is going… just shut it down for 30 seconds! I am adding one more very important layer to this challenge… not only can you not stress during those 30 seconds but you must also laugh, find something or think of something that you find truly funny and just laugh.

Laughter is a release. You cannot frown, pout, or scrunch up that crease in between your eyebrows when you are laughing. In fact, if you pay attention to the impact on your body when you laugh, you will realize your body physically let’s itself go, and you didn’t even have to plan it!

I had an amazing speaking coach that told me, “everyone should have one good belly laugh every day.” I took that as a challenge, and I am passing it right along to you. Every, single day, no excuses, find your one good, 30 seconds belly laugh. I guarantee you will stop “planning the next wave” and start to actually “surf the wave.”

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