There is an on-going conversation around the concept of a Bucket List. The insatiable Morgan Freeman (boy do I just love his voice) actually has a movie dedicated to the aforementioned term. The real question though is not “what is on your bucket list,” it’s how much of your life are your living based on your bucket list? Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with setting goals for yourself, but having an on-going list of things “you wish you could do” can also be disguised as a list of things you have told yourself are not possible, but are lovely to keep in mind.

In 2016, one of my dearest friends invited me on a whirlwind French wine cruise through Bordeaux, France and its surrounding regions. When she asked if I wanted to go, my immediate response was “oh that is wonderful, what a great idea, but… wine cruise through France? Ha! That is a great idea for the future.” I was already creating my list of “why not.” I was putting “trip to France” on my internal bucket list of things I always wanted to do, but… I had no reason not to go. So, I went! I biked through the French countryside with one of my best friends. We had all of the fermented grapes available (some may call this wine). We visited all the Chateaus and took on French personalities. Just call me ViVi! I sang on a French cruise ship, and said yes to every possible opportunity while in France.

Now this may sound exciting and you’re probably even reading this saying “ok… good for you ViVi, but how does this apply to me?” I am REALLY good at saying “no” first. Working through the logic of why things won’t work is a specialty of mine. But by saying “no” first, we stop ourselves before we even have a chance to act out the opportunity that comes along or the supposedly farfetched bucket list item. I understand that we all don’t have the resources to go on a whirlwind trip to France right now, but what steps are you taking to achieve items you have put off on your “wish I could do bucket list?”

We spend a lot of time doing things we have to do, and planning for things we have to do. Why not commit to spending 5 minutes each day ( 0.35% of your day) planning for something that you want to do? Give yourself the chance to not just dream but achieve. Give into the fact that you can do something that is for you, that is about you, that is what you have always wanted to do. Stop saying “no,” and start saying “how.” How can I achieve just 1 thing I have always wanted to do. Now is the time to not just dream but achieve!

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