Don’t miss out on your purpose because you are too prideful to learn from this moment. Over the past year, my career endured what I would consider monumental change. I made a goal to become a healthcare consultant for a prestigious organization before I turned 30. When I reached that goal with a couple months to spare, I embraced, enjoyed and relished my title.

My entire existence, who I prided myself on being was completely absorbed into my career. I was surrounded by the “best of the best.” Consultants who have spent multiple decades pioneering their careers and excelling in a field I was still exploring. What I did not realize was as I became more engaged in my work and my achievements, mentally and spiritually I became less engaged in who I was outside of my career. I became accustomed to excelling at my career, and being the youngest, superstar, minority to excel at my career. The accolades, the love, the support… it was easy to wrap myself up into this career when things were going so well.

Then… I got stuck. I realized I spent so much time driving towards my career, that I did not know who I was outside of it. I transitioned to the next phase in my work life, and it required a lot of humility. While I was still a healthcare consultant, I was no longer an expert at my work, nor was I the youngest, rockstar in my world. I am currently surrounded by younger, brilliant rockstars.

For those of you who have ever transitioned from the “young one” to the “experienced one” you know that feeling when people are using acronyms, jargon, or now a days social media that you don’t understand, and you find yourself saying “how did I become so old??” Like seriously, what is The Snapchat?? What is it’s purpose?? Anyways, I digress…

It hurt! It hurt backtracking, or at least that’s what I thought for about 90 days. Then… I realized I was so caught up in the title, in the career, in the next step, that I was yet again missing out on the moment. These brilliant rockstars also have a beautiful understanding of life outside of work. They joke, they have fun, they enjoy a delicious glass of wine, they just live.

At the end of the day, if you are not living you are missing out on your purpose. How many times have you found yourself caught up in your own plan? So caught up, that you are planning your next move, or your next goal to conquer, that you forget to stop, humble yourself, and learn how to live in this moment from the people around you? Don’t miss out on the humility of learning from those around you because you are too stuck striving towards the next phase of your life.


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