Oh hey friends!! I know it has been a while, since I have posted a blog, and it has been for a very good reason. So before I post what will be a purposeful blogpost a little housekeeping…

I was hoping to be able to post with a different image as to the “why,” but life has other plans. So as you all may remember, I was writing a book… Well my book was completed and finalized at the end of 2019. Due to some VERY AMAZING updates to my book publishing company’s new larger network of influence, our release date was set a little later than originally anticipated, early summer 2020 to be exact (specific date to be officially announced at a later more purposeful time).

Originally, I was planning on releasing a podcast to help diverse the variety of ways I can connect with you guys, and due to the AMAZING changes in my publishing company’s network, I have a new amazing marketing team that will work with me on the ideal book and podcast release time frame.

With all of that said, amidst everything that is going on, instead of holding off on posting blogs until my official book release, God laid it on my heart to get back to at least a monthly blogpost cadence. I love each of you, and I am grateful for your connection and fellowship, so I didn’t want to wait until my book comes out to continue our relationship. Ok…. so on to today’s blogpost!

Yes you read that right… You Are A Qween, and no that statement and the purpose behind it are not skewed to my mostly female readers (men you can also be a Qween, you’re welcome!). So during this time of pandemic, mass chaos, and let’s just put it bluntly crisis, it becomes so much easier to ignore the fact that there is still purpose amidst the chaos. I am not “Susie Sunshine.” I sometimes have a WAY TOO realistic viewpoint of the world, believe it or not, but I firmly believe amidst great tragedy, comes great victory. Through my faith, I also believe that we weren’t always meant to see the pathway to great victory because we don’t have God’s eyes.

Does that mean that it’s not going to be an uphill battle, or we aren’t going to face difficulties, absolutely not. But… I do believe it means we are called to be greater versions of our Qweenselves. By definition a Qween with a “w” is WAY too fabulous to just be considered a Queen or Princess. We need the extra “w” to show off our true badass selves!

To be a true Qween, my challenge to you is not to just look at your own fear, or your circumstances. Now more than ever, when we are literally asked to isolate, I ask you to seek connection in unconventional ways. This is the perfect time to reach out to that friend who you’ve been “too busy” to contact because you are focused on your goals or your own path.

If you’re like me, the pandemic has only multiplied my work, I feel like I’m working harder now than before we went on “lockdown” mode. But, I also know there are people who just want to be working. The more I allow my frustrations or my feelings of being overwhelmed to win, the less I am allowing God’s focus during an uncertain time to move me towards a greater purpose, a purpose that is focused on supporting an environment of camraderie, love, compassion and sisterhood.

If you haven’t taken the time to think about what that means for you, your friends, your family or your community, now is the time. There are organizations, restaurants, schools and churches who are spending the little bit of money they have to make lunches for kids who are no longer in school and are no longer guaranteed to have at least one meal a day. There are people who have true anxiety and fear of being alone, and their neighbors are serenading them on their lawns at a safe physical distance, just to let them know they care.

I understand, times are hard, they are stressful, and they are confusing, but don’t let this keep you from showing the kinder, compassionate, grace-filled side of being a Qween… show humanity how Qweens truly respond during a time of crisis. Now is your time.

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