Have you ever had one of those moments when you’re working and all productivity stops because you fell asleep sitting up at your desk? I am not embarrassed to admit, that has happened to me more times than I wish to count. So what’s the cure to this perpetual feeling of exhaustion? Endless amounts of caffeine? A super awesome magical unicorn energy pill? 1,000 more days of sleep?

If I had the “cure,” I surely would be a millionaire!! But… since my bank account says otherwise, we are back to the original question… how do you get more energy in the day? Honestly, the real question should be how do you use your energy more wisely during the day?

What drains energy the most? Worry, stress, negative people, putting out fires, checking emails, social media… you get where I’m going with this right? They are all things that we tell ourselves are important, but really if we cut just one of them out of our daily routine… we would find a whole wellspring of energy available.

A sleep coach once told me, if you cut out electronics (tv, phone, computer) 1 hour before bed, you will improve your sleep patterns which in return will improve your energy levels. Our brains get over stimulated, and just like our bodies, the brain also needs rest. I tested out this sleep coach’s “radical theory” and you know what… she was actually right! I adopted the “no electronics” concept, and for about 1 week, I had the most amazing sleep,  with tons more energy during the day, then… I had an urgent email from work, a friend getting engaged and announcing it on Facebook, a text message I just had to send… and I was back to my old routine.

As we move into 2018, I am determined to replace 1 bad habit with 1 good habit to bring an Energy Boost back into my life. I know the sleep coach’s advice worked if only I committed to making it work on my end. What bad habit are you going to replace with a good habit to bring more energy and truly more balance back into your life? Commit to an Energy Boost for 2018!

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