Yesterday, I prayed for God to disrupt my plans… and wow He totally did in the best possible way. When I travel I make a point to get to know the people I am around, you never know who God has placed in your path and for what purpose. This is true of my new friend I met last night in the hotel lounge. Before I get into our story, let me back up to how miraculous God works…

About 1 month ago I signed up to participate in a group spin class with my coworkers in NYC. Around that same time, I was in the hotel lounge and I saw this man receive an amazing greeting from the fabulous lounge manager. I told myself, wow… it must be amazing to have that kind of reception at the hotel. God whispered something in that moment I would not understand until last night, “wait and see.” Pay attention to the small details…

Flash forward to yesterday, the night of this PHENOMENAL spin class (the only picture I had the energy to take above). For me to make it to this spin class, I needed to bring my workout clothes to work, take a 1.5 hour subway ride and 10 minutes walk to the class (whew!). Well, some of my coworkers who planned to go to the class did not realize how far the trek would be and decided to back out at the last minute. Tempted but not thwarted, I went to the class, and met up with some other coworkers.

We planned to grab dinner post class,  but oddly enough decided to grab it to go. Small details… A group of us decided to stop in the lounge back at the hotel for water for our dinner. Yet again… Small details alert!! I always keep extra water in my room but it slipped my mind this time. Too tired to move we sat down and ate, and had an insightful conversation on life, work and our journeys together.

I felt God whisper “stay” after we all finished eating. We were sitting next to one of the most amazing God sent humans I have ever met, my new friend I mentioned earlier. This new friend ALSO was the man I recognized as receiving the amazing greeting from the lounge manager. My first words to this now new friend were “So, where are you from”and after telling me where He was from He said “I just have to tell you something.” He spoke truth into my life about gifts that I know God placed in my life, but they are also gifts I fear I won’t get to use any more.

Before he spoke God’s truth, he shared stories of how He has shared His gifts with others. All of God’s children have at least one spiritual gift, and this man lives and breathes the gift of prophesy in the most humble way. He told me the most powerful statement,

“Don’t put God in a box. Psalm 23 starts with, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” Let God be your shepherd, let him lead you, and He will show you His amazing plan.”

Now, real talk, I am super skeptical about the gift of prophecy… I always have been however, when God speaks you turn off your doubts and turn on your praise. I still have chill bumps going up my neck and arms from the specific truths he spoke about my past, my present and my future. Dear friends… open yourself to God’s guidance and His plan. It may seem totally crazy, ludicrous and downright creepy…. but God does not operate in anyway that fits into our box. Let Him be your shepherd.

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