Little known fact… I grew up watching professional wrestling! The Rock was my all-time favorite wrestler!! You can only imagine my amazement as I watched The Rock transform into Dwayne Johnson (surprisingly his real name this whole time!) and become an even more amazing entertainer.

Now, let’s be honest, Dwayne Johnson does not have hugely riveting roles. What he does is put his all into his passions. I recently started following his Instagram, and I was so impressed with his dedication to every aspect of his life. He takes time out at each event he attends to take pictures with everyone, sign autographs, talk to people. He engages the people around him because he truly appreciates them.

One thing that does not surprise me is his even stronger dedication to physical fitness. His body is his biggest seller, but here is the amazing thing. When we are in high stakes or high pressure situations we are pushed to give our all. But, the thing that amazed me about The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson, was during a photo shoot for Under Armour, he gave his all during his preparation for the photo shoot, the pre-photo shoot, the photo shoot, and the finalization of the photo shoot. There was not one moment during this photo shoot that he was not putting in his blood, lots and lots of sweat, and pure engagement.

Now… why am I sharing this incredibly stalker-like story about Dwayne Johnson? Right now, I want you to ask yourself, am I truly giving my all? If this is the best that I can be, can I honestly say “you know what, I put my heart and my soul into my passion and I am proud of myself.” Now, something to remember is there is a fine line between passion and obsession… passion guides you to give your heart to something or someone, with the confidence in knowing you did your absolute best and the rest will work out. Obsession is when passion turns into over-zealous mind-controlling preoccupation with perfection. Obsession distorts your passion into something it was never meant to be.

The Rock (I just can’t call him Dwayne Johnson he is always The Rock to me) puts his passion into what he loves, physical fitness and entertaining the world. I am sure he has made a lot of sacrifices, and Lord knows I don’t know his life, but you can see that passion shared with the people around him.

How are you sharing and living your passion? Are you giving your all in your life, or are you just coasting by because it’s easier? Passion is not easy… it requires the vulnerability to make mistakes. But, without passion, you hold yourself back from achieving something absolutely amazing. Don’t hold back… live with passion. Don’t let this life pass you by…

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