That’s right I said it, 2019… I am done with the bullsh*t. Let’s rip the bandaid right on off. Life can be hard, and the last month of 2018 for me was one of the hardest. But… here is the thing, December, 2018 was not hard because everything went wrong, on the contrary I had a lot of amazing new additions to my life. I got a promotion, I was tapped to lead amazing work with the Mayor, my dog stopped eating my sandals! Great wins! However, I am really really good at forgetting about the wins because of a handful of setbacks.

Real talk, I went through some personal struggles. I had to do some self-realization of what and who I really need in my life. God closed doors that I left open for way too long, and he pushed me beyond the bullsh*t because He was done letting me tell Him I knew best. And you know what, I am SO GLAD to be done with the bullsh*t.

I found myself in this place in the last week of 2018 questioning my sanity. Do you know what happened? It was within that moment of questioning that awakening truly happened. In the midst of what was a small moment of chaos came a bigger moment of understanding that God has been bringing me to this point. This point of letting go of the things that do not bring me peace, or assurance or even just encouragement. He is bringing me to a point of knowing that just because mistakes and disappointments happen, it does not mean that you have to sit there and wade in the chaos.

Just the opposite is true, He is asking us to be done with the bullsh*t and move towards the blessings He has laid out. But the ever-present question comes up… how? I counter with another better question, what actionable steps have you taken to move yourself to the next phase of your life? The phase that no longer allows the bullsh*t to win, but instead owns the journey and blessing laid out for your by God?

When I asked myself that question, I gave myself the same coaching I give to clients, colleagues, friends, and family members… what goals am I setting for my achievement? I realized I was 8 days into 2019, and I had yet to set a single actionable goal for myself. What kind of coach am I?? Well don’t you guys worry, I remedied that situation almost immediately. Tonight, I put together my top 5 goals for 2019. Those goals are related to my professional development in speaking, coaching/consulting and writing, and my personal development in community involvement and personal growth. With each goal is a measure of accountability and an accompanying 90 day action plan to drive success.

As I move forward on these goals, one thing I want to promise to all of you who have faithfully committed to reading my blogs (although they have been sporadic for the last quarter) is that at minimum every other week, I will share my successes, my learning, my funny anecdotes, my wisdom, and most importantly myself with you via this blog platform. I value each of you, and I would even love to hear from each of you. If you have a moment, I would LOVE to hear what 1 of your goals is for this year. Please feel free to share via my blog comment page. This way we are holding each other accountable to move past the bullsh*t together to achieve what I know God has ordained for each of us.

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