What does trust look like to you? Is it this unfathomable bond of perfection where no one ever hurts your feelings because they always have your best interest in their heart? Is it the ability to be honest with your “squad” even when it hurts? Or is it simply just being yourself around people who can be themselves around you?

Trust is by no means perfect, but you can control your circle of those you trust. You have to know that your trust circle needs to include people who will catch you on your bs… who aren’t afraid to tell you when you’re being a fool. They need to be those people who aren’t afraid to hurt your feelings because they do have your best interest at heart and know that the truth can hurt, but honesty will save your life.

The circle of trust also needs to incorporate those people who you don’t care how clean or dirty your house may be; who have heard your “unique” version of “Livin on a Prayer” during karaoke night and cheer you on because of it.

Don’t let your circle of trust choose you, you choose them and don’t let them go.


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