What are you choosing to celebrate today? You don’t need an event or a special time of year to celebrate. It’s easy to wait for someone or something to tell you what to value, but it takes strength and humility to celebrate during times that seem less than joyous.

We have to find our own reason to celebrate. Easier said than done I’m sure, but if we can’t establish what brings us joy during the most difficult moments, we won’t be able to appreciate each imperfect moment life gives us as a hidden blessing.

I am absolutely the worst at celebrating when things get chaotic. I start focusing on what’s not working, even if there are millions of other things that are working. So, how do you turn it around? How do you focus on the celebration instead of the stress?

A wise man man once said “you gotta stop fighting the waves and learn to ride them.” When things get crazy we lose sight of the fact that things and situations and perfection don’t bring us joy or celebration. There are so many amazing parts of life that we forget about that are reasons for celebrating.

So, when things don’t go your way…  make a mental list of 10 things that went well. Did you wake up today? Did your car start? Was there at least one caffeine fix in your day? I will even challenge you to take this one step further and ask yourself “who can I bless today?” Turning someone else’s day around sounds like an excellent reason to celebrate to me.



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