Soooooo I decided to get a fabulous new hair-do over the weekend! It is sassy, fierce and totally rockstar status. The new hair requires little to no upkeep outside of 1-2 visits to my stylist (who is also a dear friend of mine) every month.  The only caveat to that “little to no upkeep” is that I need to avoid getting it wet and extended exposure to high humidity.

Well, well, well wouldn’t you know it 48 hours later I find myself at work in New York in the middle of a full day of rain showers. By the time I made it to the office… my hair transitioned from sleek and sassy (pictured above) to a chia pet like bush. For those of you that have curly hair, you know that when you straighten it, if you are caught in the rain… you might as well have just left it curly.

About 2 years ago, my response to this new “not so sassy” hair would be anxiety, frustration, and a chip on my shoulder throughout the day. I mean now I have to spend the entire week reshaping my hair to the style that I loved, and maintaining it, and basically the exact opposite of what I had planned. I would have obsessed about this terribleness that occurred for the rest of the week.

The great thing about growth is you are able to move past your old self and into this new state of realization. I call this state of realization the state of “owning whatever comes your way.” My chia pet like hair was really only noticed by me, and even if it wasn’t… like I mentioned in yesterday’s post “it’s not that serious.” It’s literally just hair! It grows, it straightens, it washes, it does what I tell it to, just like my attitude!

I had a fabulously productive day, with an even more phenomenal dinner with co-workers/friends. I would have missed out on the fun, and laughter, and awesome journey of this Tuesday if I had been focused on the chia pet status that was my hair. I encourage you to use your so- called “bad hair days” or days that just go against your well thought out plans as an opportunity to own your attitude, own your journey, laugh it off and embrace the other awesome moments that are happening all around you. Don’t miss them because you are looking up at your hair instead of out around the world.

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