Fearlessly Made You

Embracing this life one perfectly imperfect moment at a time!

God touches each of our hearts in a way we can’t always understand. Around this time of year in 2016, God convicted my heart and showed me the reality behind true surrender.

As I was shopping in goodwill for a costume for a work event I met a beautiful soul who was shopping for her toddler and elderly mother. She pushed her mother in a wheelchair with one hand and pulled her daughter in a cart with another. As I was flitting around the store minding my own business and hurriedly trying to get what I needed, I noticed she never seemed rushed, or in hurry or even the slightest bit frazzled.

She calmly talked with her daughter who was incessantly babbling about something ridiculous while her annoying toy made the worst sound some people may call “music.” Her mother’s wheelchair was manual, and a beast to navigate, so every now and then she would stop where she was to reposition her mother. Ultimately, if you glanced at the situation too fast… you would only see a sad, seemingly impossible situation.

As I was standing in the checkout line behind this woman, God stopped me and said “watch.” As I watched this woman, I saw a kind, beautiful soul who was surrendering herself to be everything for her family. She exuded light, peace and joy. In that moment, God humbled my heart, and said, “Let go and let her light be your guide.”  I let go of me and focused on the true surrender God was teaching me in that moment.

God showed me how to care for this woman, her child and her mom by emulating the beautiful generosity this woman was sharing with the world. I stopped what I was doing, followed them out of the store (stalker-like I know) and asked if I could help her and her family to their car. She graciously, accepted and before she could even say “thank you,” I told her “thank you for being light for me.” What light are you missing because you are too focused on your own situation? God is speaking to you… stop, listen for His voice, and watch the light He has put in your life to guide you in this very moment.

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