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Embracing this life one perfectly imperfect moment at a time!


Be grateful


What does gratitude mean to you? It is a word and a feeling that I often neglect.
Laughter is good for the soul

It’s Not that Serious

Have you ever been the recipient of the phrase "it's not that serious" oftentimes followed by the phrase "just breathe," and possibly the phrase "let it go?"

Your Image

I started competing in pageants when I was 12 and won my first title at 14. Competing as a teenager and competing as an adult were two very different experiences
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Free Your Past

Now, to know me as a child... I was as shy, quiet and terrified of people as they come.
Go big

Don’t Hold Back

Little known fact... I grew up watching professional wrestling! The Rock was my all-time favorite wrestler!! You can only imagine
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